Monday, 1 October 2012

Equipment for hire

If you need some help over the harvest we have some equipment for hire that might make your life a lot easier.  

We have a pedestrian self-propelled harvester with which you could comfortably pick up 5 tons a day, which comes on its own trailer and with as many apple boxes as you require. 
Hire cost £50 per day.

For budding juice and cider makers we also have a Speidel mill and Hydrovane press for hire, capable of pressing up to 1000L per day with very little effort - also only £50 per day.

We also have for sale 1000 L square white plastic IBC containers, in a cage, and 210 L blue plastic drums, both suitable for making cider.

1000 L - £65
210 L - £25 

Call Deborah on 01963 240581

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